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Khadra, W.M. (author), Stuyfzand, Pieter Jan (author)
Managed aquifer recharge can store surface water as safe and reliable groundwater for later recovery. However, most options are problematic in karstic aquifers due to complex hydrodynamics reducing their effectiveness and hence general applicability. River bank filtration and urban stormwater infiltration systems are among the main managed...
journal article 2019
Khadra, W.M. (author)
Coastal aquifer management has recently emerged as a main scope in groundwater hydrology, especially in arid and semi-arid zones. About two thirds of the human population are currently gathered close to shorelines relying on coastal groundwater resources. Worldwide, these systems are subject to quality deterioration due to a multitude of...
doctoral thesis 2017
Khadra, W.M. (author), Stuyfzand, Pieter Jan (author), Khadra, Ibrahim M. (author)
Most countermeasures to mitigate saltwater intrusion in coastal, karstic or fractured aquifers are hindered by anisotropy, high transmissivities and complex dynamics. A coupled strategy is introduced here as a localized remedy to protect shallow freshwater reserves while utilizing the deeper intercepted brackish water. It is a double sourcing...
journal article 2017