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Khakzad, Sina (author), Yang, M. (author), Lohi, Ali (author), Khakzad, N. (author)
Oil and gas pipelines play a key role in the safe and efficient delivery of energy resources around the world. Crude oil by itself is not corrosive, but oil extracted from geological reservoirs is accompanied by varying amounts of water and acidic gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), which can form a corrosive combination. Estimating the...
journal article 2022
Khakzad, Sina (author), Khan, Faisal (author), Abbassi, Rouzbeh (author), Khakzad, N. (author)
Using the emissions produced during the entire life-cycle of a fuel or a product, Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is an effective technique widely used to estimate environmental impacts. However, most of the conventional LCA methods consider the impacts of voluntary releases such as discharged toxic substances and overlook involuntary risks such as...
journal article 2017