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Kibrit, B. (author)
Introduction While the world moves towards modern renewable energy sources, these sources are not always available which makes them unreliable. At the same time, problems of balancing the daily peak-demand is still performed with expensive fossil fueled units. Sitting perfectly in between supply and demand is a solution with the potential of...
master thesis 2013
Kibrit, B. (author), Imambaks, R. (author), Anijs, M. (author), Tarigheh, A.S. (author), Mungar, S. (author)
Over the past decades the north-eastern coast of Brazil has been degrading due to erosion. This degradation has both natural- and men-made causes. Brazil has no specific laws and acts which relate to coastal protection and management up to this date. Beaches in the metropolitan area of Recife show variety in beach width according to the seasons....
student report 2011