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Kim, J. (author), Jonoski, Andreja (author), Solomatine, D.P. (author), Goethals, Peter L. M. (author)
The World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provide guidelines on the maximum levels of nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) contained in drinking water since excess nitrate ingestion may harm human health. Thus, monitoring and controlling the NO3-N concentration is of paramount importance, especially in sources of...
journal article 2023
Kim, J. (author), Jonoski, Andreja (author), Solomatine, D.P. (author)
Cyanobacterial blooms appear by complex causes such as water quality, climate, and hydrological factors. This study aims to present the machine learning models to predict occurrences of these complicated cyanobacterial blooms efficiently and effectively. The dataset was classified into groups consisting of two, three, or four classes based on...
journal article 2022
Kim, J. C. (author), Park, C. (author)
conference paper 2013