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Gaspar, Hugo (author), Santos, Raquel (author), Teixeira, Paulo (author), Hilliou, Loic (author), Weir, Michael P. (author), Duif, C.P. (author), Bouwman, W.G. (author), Parnell, S.R. (author), King, Stephen M. (author)
We investigate the morphological development of polystyrene (PS)-C <sub>60</sub> nanocomposites along the length of a prototype co-rotating twin-screw extruder with sampling capabilities. The effects of C <sub>60</sub> concentration and output on the morphological evolution along the extruder are studied employing a suite of characterization...
journal article 2019
Gaspar, Hugo (author), Teixeira, Paulo (author), Santos, Raquel (author), Fernandes, Liliana (author), Hilliou, Loic (author), Weir, Michael P. (author), Parnell, Andrew J. (author), Abrams, Kerry J. (author), Hill, Christopher J. (author), Bouwman, W.G. (author), Parnell, S.R. (author), King, Stephen M. (author), Clarke, Nigel (author), Covas, Jose A. (author), Bernardo, Gabriel (author)
We investigated the effect of the feeding formulation (premixed powders of pure components versus solvent-blended mixture) of polystyrene–C60 composites on the dispersion and reagglomeration phenomena developing along the barrel of a twin-screw extruder. The dispersion of C60 in the PS matrix is studied over different length scales using a...
journal article 2017