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Kirby, J.T. (author), Wei, G. (author), Chen, Q. (author), Kennedy, A.B. (author), Dalrymple, R.A. (author)
This report documents the computer program FUNWAVE based on the fully nonlinear Boussinesq model of Wei et al. (1995). The documentation provides a description of the governing equations and the numerical scheme used to solve it. A user's manual is provided and gives instructions on how to use various preprocessors and postprocessors to set up...
report 1998
Ökzan-Haller, H.T. (author), Kirby, J.T. (author)
Surface gravity waves breaking in the nearshore region force a longshore surf zone current. This current can be unstable to longshore periodic perturbations. The continuity and momentum conservation equations averaged over the short wave time scales and over depth present a suitable basis for the modeling of these motions. The governing...
report 1997