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Ghanavati, Mandana (author), Young, Ian (author), Kirezci, Ebru (author), Ranasinghe, Roshanka (author), Duong, Trang Minh (author), Luijendijk, Arjen (author)
A common inference in research studies of observed and projected changes in global ocean wave height and storm surge, is that such changes are potentially important for long-term coastal management. Despite numerous studies of the impacts of anthropogenic climate change on trends in global wind and waves, a clear link to impacts on sandy...
journal article 2023
Ngo, Q.H. (author), Ranasinghe, Roshanka (author), Zevenbergen, C. (author), Kirezci, Ebru (author), Maheng, M.D. (author), Radhakrishnan, Mohanasundar (author), Pathirana, Assela (author)
Risk-informed flood risk management requires a comprehensive and quantitative risk assessment, which often demands multiple (thousands of) river and flood model simulations. Performing such a large number of model simulations is a challenge, especially for large, complex river systems (e.g., Mekong) due to the associated computational and...
journal article 2022