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Schnuelle, Christian (author), Kisjes, K.H. (author), Stuehrmann, Torben (author), Thier, Pablo (author), Nikolic, I. (author), Von Gleich, Arnim (author), Goessling-Reisemann, Stefan (author)
The transition process towards renewable energy systems is facing challenges in both fluctuating electricity generation of photovoltaic and wind power as well as socio-economic disruptions. With regard to sector integration, solutions need to be developed, especially for the mobility and the industry sector, because their ad hoc...
journal article 2020
van der Veen, R.A.C. (author), Kisjes, K.H. (author), Nikolic, I. (author)
The shift to markets based on servicising, i.e. market-level transitions from product-based to service-based production and consumption patterns, may contribute to achieve absolute decoupling, i.e. the combined development of economic growth and environmental impact reduction. However, the potential of this contribution is largely unknown. In...
journal article 2017
Kisjes, K.H. (author)
This paper describes a simulation model for informing policies towards absolute decoupling, with a focus on the possible contribution of servicising, i.e. a shift from product-based to service-based production and consumption patterns. The model is agent-based and represents a generic artificial market that revolves around a central consumption...
journal article 2014