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Wang, H. (author), Tao, Y. (author), Temudo, M. (author), Schooneveld, M. (author), Bijl, H. (author), Ren, N. (author), Wolf, M. (author), Heine, C. (author), Foerster, A. (author), Pelenc, V. (author), Kloek, J. (author), Van Lier, J.B. (author), De Kreuk, M.K. (author)
Background Solid bio-wastes (or organic residues) are worldwide produced in high amount and increasingly considered bioenergy containers rather than waste products. A complete bioprocess from recalcitrant solid wastes to methane (SW2M) via anaerobic digestion (AD) is believed to be a sustainable way to utilize solid bio-wastes. However, the...
journal article 2015
Tao, Y. (author), Gao, D.W. (author), Wang, H.Y. (author), Zhang, X. (author), Ghasimi, S.M.D. (author), Ozgun, H. (author), Ersahin, M.E. (author), Zhou, Z.B. (author), Liu, G. (author), Temudo, M.F. (author), Kloek, J. (author), Spanjers, H. (author), De Kreuk, M.K. (author), Van Lier, J.B. (author)
conference paper 2014