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Knook, P.P. (author)
The scientific foundation to maintain the Holland Coast shoreward of the -20m depth contour is limited. It is assumed that profile perturbations shoreward of the -20m depth contour influence the coast within a time scale of 50 to 200 years. Hence, seaward of -20m NAP dredging companies are allowed to dredge sand. The dredged material is amongst...
master thesis 2013
Slijk, R.V. (author), Schadee, L.W. (author), Knook, P.P. (author), Van der Salm, G.L.S. (author), Notenboom, P.D. (author)
Manado City is growing, its population is increasing. This demands the city to grow outside its borders and even into the sea by using land reclamation. Introducing new challenges or making challenges bigger, which are already present. Not only growth is present in the city, going forward and becoming better and better is an on-going fight for...
student report 2011