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Kokke, C.A. (author), Coutino, Mario (author), Anitori, Laura (author), Heusdens, R. (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author)
Sensor selection is a useful method to help reduce data throughput, as well as computational, power, and hardware requirements, while still maintaining acceptable performance. Although minimizing the Cramér-Rao bound has been adopted previously for sparse sensing, it did not consider multiple targets and unknown source models. In this work, we...
conference paper 2023
Kokke, C.A. (author), Coutino, Mario (author), Heusdens, R. (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author), Anitori, L. (author)
Doppler velocity estimation in pulse-Doppler radar is done by evaluating the target returns of bursts of pulses. While this provides convenience and accuracy, it requires multiple pulses. In adaptive and cognitive radar systems, the ability to adapt on consecutive pulses, instead of bursts, brings potential performance benefits. Hence, with...
conference paper 2022
Kokke, C.A. (author), Blom, J.F.J. (author)
Underwater robotics face an interesting challenge. Since electromagnetic waves barely propagate underwater, systems like GPS are unusable. However, for a robot to function autonomously, it needs to be able to know its position. Because of this, using acoustic waves for transmitting signals underwater has been established to be the way forward....
bachelor thesis 2016