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Cai, Jitao (author), Wu, Jiansong (author), Yuan, S. (author), Kong, Desheng (author), Zhang, Xiaole (author)
Natural gas compartment accommodated in utility tunnels is beneficial in meeting the pressing demand of energy supply and sustainable urban environment. However, the leaking gas characterized by flammable and explosive can pose a huge threat to the safe operation of the utility tunnel. When an unexpected gas leakage accident happens in the...
journal article 2022
Cai, Jitao (author), Wu, Jiansong (author), Yuan, S. (author), Liu, Zhe (author), Kong, Desheng (author)
Gas drainage system is a critical technique to prevent gas outbursts in the underground coal mine. The leakage of gas drainage pipelines can pose serious threats to the safety production of underground mining. In this paper, a multi-factors gas drainage pipeline leakage and diffusion (GDPLD) model is proposed based on the OpenFOAM platform,...
journal article 2021