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Horton, Benjamin P. (author), Shennan, Ian (author), Bradley, S.L. (author), Cahill, Niamh (author), Kirwan, Matthew (author), Kopp, Robert E. (author), Shaw, Timothy A. (author)
Tidal marshes rank among Earth's vulnerable ecosystems, which will retreat if future rates of relative sea-level rise (RSLR) exceed marshes' ability to accrete vertically. Here, we assess the limits to marsh vulnerability by analyzing >780 Holocene reconstructions of tidal marsh evolution in Great Britain. These reconstructions include...
journal article 2018
Meltzner, Aron J. (author), Switzer, Adam D. (author), Horton, Benjamin P. (author), Ashe, Erica (author), Qiu, Qiang (author), Hill, David F. (author), Bradley, S.L. (author), Kopp, Robert E. (author), Hill, Emma M. (author), Majewski, J╚ędrzej M. (author), Natawidjaja, Danny H. (author), Suwargadi, Bambang W. (author)
Sea-level rise is a global problem, yet to forecast future changes, we must understand how and why relative sea level (RSL) varied in the past, on local to global scales. In East and Southeast Asia, details of Holocene RSL are poorly understood. Here we present two independent high-resolution RSL proxy records from Belitung Island on the...
journal article 2017