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Michailidis, Panagiotis (author), Pelitaris, Paschalis (author), Korkas, Christos (author), Michailidis, Iakovos (author), Baldi, S. (author), Kosmatopoulos, Elias (author)
The existing literature on energy saving focuses on large-scale buildings, wherein the energy-saving potential is substantially larger than smaller-scale buildings. However, the research intensity is significantly less for small-scale deployments and their capacities to regulate energy use individually, directly and without depreciating users’...
journal article 2021
Baldi, S. (author), Korkas, Christos D. (author), Lv, Maolong (author), Kosmatopoulos, Elias B. (author)
Load management actions in large buildings are pre-programmed by field engineers/users in the form of if-then-else rules for the set point of the thermostat. This fixed set of actions prevents smart zoning, i.e. to dynamically regulate the set points in every room at different levels according to geometry, orientation and interaction among...
journal article 2018
Korkas, Christos D. (author), Baldi, S. (author), Michailidis, Iakovos (author), Boutalis, Yiannis (author), Kosmatopoulos, Elias B. (author)
Microgrids equipped with small-scale renewable-energy generation systems and energy storage units offer challenging opportunity from a control point of view. In fact, in order to improve resilience and enable islanded mode, micro-grid energy management systems must dynamically manage controllable loads by considering not only matching energy...
conference paper 2016