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Ezzahiri, Sidi Mohamed (author), Nasif, Badia S. (author), Krieg, Jan (author), Bakker, Anco (author), Infante Ferreira, C.A. (author)
The search for renewable energy sources is a wide area in which significant progress is still expected. This paper focuses on an energy system that uses Fresnel lenses to concentrate sunlight on a tubing system to heat up the working fluid. Fresnel lenses are lighter, thinner and cheaper to build than ordinary lenses. The model is designed to be...
conference paper 2017
Krieg, Jan (author), Strassel, Dominik (author), Streib, S.D. (author), Eggert, Sebastian (author), Kopietz, Peter (author)
We use the functional renormalization group (FRG) to derive analytical expressions for thermodynamic observables (density, pressure, entropy, and compressibility) as well as for single-particle properties (wave-function renormalization and effective mass) of interacting bosons in two dimensions as a function of temperature T and chemical...
journal article 2017