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Buijs, W. (author), Witkamp, G.J. (author), Kroon, M.C. (author)
Performing runtime evaluation together with design time exploration enables a system to be more efficient in terms of various design constraints, such as performance, chip area, and power consumption. rSesame is a generic modeling and simulation framework, which can explore and evaluate reconfigurable systems at both design time and runtime. In...
journal article 2012
Kroon, M.C. (author)
A new and general type of process for the chemical industry is presented using ionic liquids and supercritical carbon dioxide as combined reaction and separation media. In this process, the carbon dioxide pressure controls the miscibility of reactants, products, catalyst and ionic liquid, enabling fast atom-efficient reactions in a homogenous...
doctoral thesis 2006
Kroon, M.C. (author), Shariati, A. (author), Florusse, L.J. (author), Peters, C.J. (author), Van Spronsen, J. (author), Witkamp, G.J. (author), Sheldon, R.A. (author), Gutkowski, K.I. (author)
The invention is directed to a process for carrying out a chemical reaction in an ionic liquid as solvent and CO2 as cosolvent, in which process reactants are reacted in a homogeneous phase at selected pressure and temperature to generate a reaction product at least containing an end-product of the reaction, and upon completion of the reaction a...
patent 2006