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Koryakovskiy, I. (author), Kudruss, M. (author), Vallery, H. (author), Babuska, R. (author), Caarls, W. (author)
Learning-based approaches are suitable for the control of systems with unknown dynamics. However, learning from scratch involves many trials with exploratory actions until a good control policy is discovered. Real robots usually cannot withstand the exploratory actions and suffer damage. This problem can be circumvented by combining learning...
journal article 2018
Koryakovskiy, I. (author), Kudruss, M. (author), Babuska, R. (author), Caarls, W. (author), Kirches, Christian (author), Mombaur, Katja (author), Schlöder, Johannes P. (author), Vallery, H. (author)
Model-free reinforcement learning and nonlinear model predictive control are two different approaches for controlling a dynamic system in an optimal way according to a prescribed cost function. Reinforcement learning acquires a control policy through exploratory interaction with the system, while nonlinear model predictive control exploits an...
journal article 2017