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Peirlinck, M. (author), Linka, Kevin (author), Hurtado, Juan A. (author), Kuhl, Ellen (author)
Constitutive modeling is the cornerstone of computational and structural mechanics. In a finite element analysis, the constitutive model is encoded in the material subroutine, a function that maps local strains onto stresses. This function is called within every finite element, at each integration point, within every time step, at each Newton...
journal article 2024
Kolawole, F. O. (author), Peirlinck, M. (author), Cork, T. E. (author), Levenston, M. (author), Kuhl, Ellen (author), Ennis, D. B. (author)
Impaired cardiac filling in response to increased passive myocardial stiffness contributes to the pathophysiology of heart failure. By leveraging cardiac MRI data and ventricular pressure measurements, we can estimate in vivo passive myocardial stiffness using personalized inverse finite element models. While it is well-known that this...
journal article 2023
St. Pierre, Sarah R. (author), Peirlinck, M. (author), Kuhl, Ellen (author)
Cardiovascular disease in women remains under-diagnosed and under-treated. Recent studies suggest that this is caused, at least in part, by the lack of sex-specific diagnostic criteria. While it is widely recognized that the female heart is smaller than the male heart, it has long been ignored that it also has a different microstructural...
review 2022