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Rooijers, C.T. (author), Karmakar, S. (author), Kusuda, Y. (author), Huijsing, J.H. (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author)
In chopper amplifiers, the interaction between the input signal and the chopper clock can give rise to intermodulation distortion (IMD). This chopper-induced IMD is mainly due to amplifier delay, which causes large pulses at the output of the amplifier's output chopper. This article proposes the use of a so-called fill-in technique to eliminate...
journal article 2021
Kusuda, Y. (author)
This thesis describes the theory, design, and implementation of chopper operational amplifiers (op-amps) in CMOS integrated circuits (ICs). The chopping technique periodically corrects DC errors of such op-amps, so that low 1/f noise and stable, microvolt-level offset can be achieved. However, chopping causes switching artifacts at the amplifier...
doctoral thesis 2018