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Katsman, C.A. (author), Sterl, A. (author), Beersma, J.J. (author), Van den Brink, H.W. (author), Church, J.A. (author), Hazeleger, W. (author), Kopp, R.E. (author), Kroon, D. (author), Kwadijk, J. (author), Lammersen, R. (author), Lowe, J. (author), Oppenheimer, M. (author), Plag, H.P. (author), Ridley, J. (author), Von Storch, H. (author), Vaughan, D.G. (author), Vellinga, P. (author), Vermeersen, L.L.A. (author), Van de Wal, R.S.W. (author), Weisse, R. (author)
Sea level rise, especially combined with possible changes in storm surges and increased river discharge resulting from climate change, poses a major threat in low-lying river deltas. In this study we focus on a specific example of such a delta: the Netherlands. To evaluate whether the country’s flood protection strategy is capable of coping with...
journal article 2011
Klijn, F. (author), Baan, P. (author), De Bruijn, K. (author), Kwadijk, J. (author)
Het Milieu- en Natuurplanbureau (MNP) werkt aan een 2e Duurzaamheidsverkenning voor Nederland. In dat kader wordt onder meer nagegaan wat de klimaatverandering betekent – of zou moeten betekenen – voor de ruimtelijke ontwikkelingen in Nederland: Nederland Later. Eén van de vragen daarbij is of, hoe, in welke mate en op welk moment de Nederlandse...
report 2007
Hooijer, A. (author), Klijn, F. (author), Kwadijk, J. (author), Pedroli, B. (author)
Flood risk (defined as a result of flood probability and potential damage) along Rhine and Meuse rivers is expected to increase in two ways: A. Climate change will cause a significant increase in the probability of extreme floods (according to a majority of climate change scenarios). B. The potential damage of floods (the level of investments in...
report 2002