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El Asjadi, S. (author), Lakshminarayanan, V. (author), Besseling, N.A.M. (author), Picken, S.J. (author), Mendes, E. (author)
This study investigates the stabilization of oil/water emulsions as a function of addition of a biopolymer (scleroglucan) which acts as an emulsion stabilizer. Rheological characterization in the form of controlled stress creep measurements has been carried out and it reveals the colloidal gel exhibiting a delayed yielding in a certain...
journal article 2020
Zhang, K. (author), Suratkar, A.P. (author), Vedaraman, S. (author), Lakshminarayanan, V. (author), Jennings, L. (author), Glazer, P.J. (author), van Esch, J.H. (author), Mendes, E. (author)
While the formation of (tri)block copolymer hydrogels has been extensively investigated, such studies mostly focused on equilibrium self-assembling whereas the use of preformed structures as building blocks such as out of equilibrium, quenched, nanofibrillar micelles is still a challenge. Here, we demonstrate that quenched, ultralong...
journal article 2018