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Lammerts, Philippe (author)
Hate speech detection on social media platforms remains a challenging task. Manual moderation by humans is the most reliable but infeasible, and machine learning models for detecting hate speech are scalable but unreliable as they often perform poorly on unseen data. Therefore, human-AI collaborative systems, in which we combine the strengths of...
master thesis 2022
Belzer, Nick (author), Bernstein, Buster (author), Geurtz, Jasper (author), Hijdra, Rens (author), Lammerts, Philippe (author), Wermelink, Henk-Jan (author)
Governments require companies to be able to explain where their data is coming from and going to. Our client helps these companies by creating maps of their data landscapes. This is the concept of data lineage. There are various issues that arise in the workflow of figuring out and building data lineage diagrams. Our contributions here are...
bachelor thesis 2019