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Larios Vargas, E. (author), Aniche, MaurĂ­cio (author), Treude, Christoph (author), Bruntink, Magiel (author), Gousios, G. (author)
The selection of third-party libraries is an essential element of virtually any software development project. However, deciding which libraries to choose is a challenging practical problem. Selecting the wrong library can severely impact a software project in terms of cost, time, and development effort, with the severity of the impact depending...
conference paper 2020
Larios Vargas, E. (author), Hejderup, J.I. (author), Kechagia, M. (author), Bruntink, Magiel (author), Gousios, G. (author)
Modern software projects consist of more than just code: teams follow development processes, the code runs on servers or mobile phones and produces run time logs and users talk about the software in forums like StackOverflow and Twitter and rate it on app stores. Insights stemming from the real-time analysis of combined software engineering data...
conference paper 2018