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Esposito, C. (author), De Martino, C. (author), Lehmann, S. (author), Zhao, Z. (author), Mothes, S. (author), Kretzschmar, C. (author), Schroter, M. (author), Spirito, M. (author)
In this contribution, We analyze the bandwidth versus accuracy trade-offs of conventional two-step de-embedding approaches, often employed to extract the device model parameters. The accuracy limitation of incorporating the pad/line section of classical DUT test-fixtures into shunt-series complex and frequency-dependent elements is analyzed by...
conference paper 2022
Siddiqui, A (author), Lehmann, S (author), Haaksman, V.A. (author), Ogier, J. (author), Schellenberg, Carsten (author), van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M. (author), Kruithof, J. C. (author), Vrouwenvelder, J.S. (author)
The porosity of spacer-filled feed channels influences the hydrodynamics of spiral-wound membrane systems and impacts the overall performance of the system. Therefore, an exact measurement and a detailed understanding of the impact of the feed channel porosity is required to understand and improve the hydrodynamics of spiral-wound membrane...
journal article 2017
Qian, Q.K. (author), Chan, E.H.W. (author), Visscher, H.J. (author), Lehmann, S. (author)
The paper, through a “regenerative” lens, has focused upon a new conceptual game system involving transaction costs (TCs) for creating a more accessible green buildings (GB) market. Individual stakeholders steadfastly guard their own interests in any investment decision, which seldom considers any positive gains to society. Green buildings,...
journal article 2015