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Belardinelli, P. (author), Lenci, S. (author), Alijani, F. (author)
Through molecular dynamics simulations, we demonstrate the possibility of internal resonances in single-walled carbon nanotubes. The resonant condition is engineered with a lack of symmetry in the boundary condition and activated by increasing the energy exchange with a coupled thermal bath. The critical temperature threshold for initiating...
journal article 2024
Belardinelli, P. (author), Chandrashekar, A. (author), Wiebe, R. (author), Alijani, F. (author), Lenci, S. (author)
Modal interactions are pervasive effects that commonly emerge in nanomechanical systems. The coupling of vibrating modes can be leveraged in many ways, including to enhance sensing or to disclose complex phenomenologies. In this work we show how machine learning and data-driven approaches could be used to capture intermodal coupling. We...
journal article 2022
Brzeski, P. (author), Belardinelli, P. (author), Lenci, S. (author), Perlikowski, P. (author)
Global properties of Multi-Degrees-of-Freedom (M-DoF) systems, in particular phase space organization, are largely unexplored due to the computational challenge requested to build basins of attraction. To overcome this problem, various techniques have been developed, some trying to improve algorithms and to exploit high speed computing,...
journal article 2018