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Belardinelli, P. (author), Chandrashekar, A. (author), Alijani, F. (author), Lenci, Stefano (author)
This study examines the nonlinear dynamics in tapping-mode atomic force microscopy (AFM) with tip-surface interactions that include van der Waals and Derjaguin-Muller- € Toporov contact forces. We investigate the periodic solutions of the hybrid system by performing numerical pseudo-arclength continuation. Through the use of bifurcation locus...
journal article 2023
Chandrashekar, A. (author), Belardinelli, P. (author), Lenci, Stefano (author), Staufer, U. (author), Alijani, F. (author)
Increasing the signal-to-noise ratio in dynamic atomic force microscopy plays a key role in nanomechanical mapping of materials with atomic resolution. In this work, we develop an experimental procedure for increasing the sensitivity of higher harmonics of an atomic-force-microscope cantilever without modifying the cantilever geometry but...
journal article 2021
Belardinelli, P. (author), Lenci, Stefano (author)
Numerical integrations represent a time-consuming element in the long-term dynamics analysis of mechanical systems. This limits the resolution of the computations and the dimension of the system to be investigated numerically. In fact, even pushing memory resources to their thresholds, only few tools can deal with higher-dimensional systems....
journal article 2017