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Lens, Daniëlle (author)
Forced migration has been a significant struggle in the Netherlands, politically, socially, spatially and culturally. The costs of this struggle are paid by asylum seekers and status holders, living in uncertainty and isolation. This thesis discusses the position of Syrian status holders in the Netherlands, refugees who have obtained a residency...
master thesis 2023
Bacani, Jasmine (author), Morscher, Leon (author), Lens, Daniëlle (author), de Meijer, Barbara (author)
The transition to renewable energy is necessary and urgent. Fossil fuels are depleting, leading to geopolitical instability and are driving climate change. The climate crisis and growing inequalities are among the greatest problems of the 21st century. Temperatures, sea levels and gas prices are rising. This transition poses spatial and economic...
student report 2022