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Leung, Ranee (author)
There are several prevailing issues regarding major altered states of extreme weather events. For instance, storm surges, sea-level rise, and droughts have all resulted in many regions left with critical systems and interdependencies exposed. The impact and risk of modern disasters have caused substantial adverse socio-economic impacts by...
master thesis 2019
van Klaveren, Wouter (author), Houtzager, Daan (author), Nguyen, Toan (author), Ozcan, Aylin (author), Liu, Danyan (author), Das Sharma, Asmeeta (author), Prida Guillén, Álvaro (author), Blom, Michelle (author), Leung, Ranee (author)
Rapid urbanisation and globalisation are bringing increasingly complex issues to the forefront. Improper planning of human activities and over exploitation of the surrounding natural resources has successfully damaged the biodiversity and the natural processes. Today humanity is at a stage where these ecosystem services are essential for our...
student report 2019
Leung, Ranee (author), Zhou, Yixiao (author), Rodríguez Salcedo, Cristian (author), von Meijenfeldt, Charlotte (author), van Marrewijk, Franka (author)
Governments and private and non-profit organisations from international to local levels have acknowledged the idea that more sustainable systems are required to reduce our ecological footprint (WWF, 2016, Jonkhoff, 2012). The food system is a very important aspect within our lives, socially as well as economically but it is also one of the most...
student report 2018