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Zhang, Lei (author), Liu, Wenjie (author), Du, Zhe (author), Du, Lei (author), Li, Xiaobin (author)
Collision avoidance is a priority task for ensuring the safety of a maritime transportation system. However, for a ship towing system, which is characterized by multiple vessels and physical connections, the research works about collision avoidance is limited. Thus, this paper proposes a speed and heading control-based conflict resolution of...
journal article 2023
Zhang, Lei (author), Du, Zhe (author), Valdez Banda, Osiris A. (author), Goerlandt, F.M.B. (author), Du, Lei (author), Li, Xiaobin (author)
Towing operations are highly reliant on the experience of the towing operators. Safety concerns arise when towing operations are subjected to environmental disturbances and dynamic traffic conditions. However, a systematic framework and approaches to enhance the safety and automation of towing operations remain lacking. This work proposes a...
journal article 2022