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Li, Xinqi (author)
Quantitative cardiac MRI is an increasingly important diagnostic tool for cardiovascular diseases. Yet, it is essential to have correct image registration for good accuracy and precision of quantitative mapping. Registering all baseline images from a quantitative cardiac MRI sequence, however, is nontrivial because the patient is moving, leading...
master thesis 2023
Leibbrandt, Louise (author), Zhang, S. (author), Roelvink, M.A.T. (author), Bergkamp, Stan (author), Li, Xinqi (author), Bisschop, Lieselot (author), Wingerde, Karin van (author), Wang, H. (author)
This paper aims to understand to what extent the amount of drug (e.g., cocaine) trafficking per country can be explained and predicted using the global shipping network. We propose three distinct network approaches, based on topological centrality metrics, Susceptible-Infected-Susceptible spreading process and a flow optimization model of...
conference paper 2023