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Godoy Hernandez, A. (author), Asseri, Amer H. (author), Purugganan, Aiden J. (author), Jiko, Chimari (author), de Ram, C. (author), Lill, Holger (author), Pabst, Martin (author), Mitsuoka, Kaoru (author), Gerle, Christoph (author), Bald, Dirk (author), McMillan, D.G.G. (author)
Functional reintegration into lipid environments represents a major challenge for in vitro investigation of integral membrane proteins (IMPs). Here, we report a new approach, termed LMNG Auto-insertion Reintegration (LAiR), for reintegration of IMPs into lipid bilayers within minutes. The resulting proteoliposomes displayed an unprecedented...
journal article 2023
Asseri, Amer H. (author), Godoy Hernandez, A. (author), Goojani, Hojjat Ghasemi (author), Lill, Holger (author), Sakamoto, Junshi (author), McMillan, D.G.G. (author), Bald, Dirk (author)
Cardiolipin (CL) is a lipid that is found in the membranes of bacteria and the inner membranes of mitochondria. CL can increase the activity of integral membrane proteins, in particular components of respiratory pathways. We here report that CL activated detergent-solubilized cytochrome bd, a terminal oxidase from Escherichia coli. CL...
journal article 2021
Hards, Kiel (author), McMillan, D.G.G. (author), Schurig-Briccio, Lici A. (author), Gennis, Robert B. (author), Lill, Holger (author), Bald, Dirk (author), Cook, Gregory M. (author)
Bedaquiline (BDQ), an inhibitor of the mycobacterial F<sub>1</sub>F<sub>o</sub>-ATP synthase, has revolutionized the antitubercular drug discovery program by defining energy metabolism as a potent new target space. Several studies have recently suggested that BDQ ultimately causes mycobacterial cell death through a phenomenon known as...
journal article 2018