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Aliyu, Ibrahim (author), van Engelenburg, S.H. (author), Mu'azu, Muhammed Bashir (author), Kim, Jinsul (author), Lim, Chang Gyoon (author)
The internet-of-Vehicle (IoV) can facilitate seamless connectivity between connected vehicles (CV), autonomous vehicles (AV), and other IoV entities. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) for IoV networks can rely on machine learning (ML) to protect the in-vehicle network from cyber-attacks. Blockchain-based Federated Forests (BFFs) could be...
journal article 2022
Aliyu, Ibrahim (author), Feliciano, Marco Carlo (author), van Engelenburg, S.H. (author), Kim, Dong Ok (author), Lim, Chang Gyoon (author)
In-vehicle communication systems are usually managed by controller area networks (CAN). By broadcasting packets to their bus, the CAN facilitates the interaction between Electronic Control Units (ECU) that coordinate, monitor and control internal vehicle components. With no authentication mechanism for identifying the legitimacy and source of...
journal article 2021