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Kos, Johan (author), Posada Duque, J.A. (author), Peerlings, Bram (author), ben Salah, Nora (author), Lim, Nanette (author), Lammen, Wim (author), Stepchuk, I. (author), van der Sman, Elisabeth (author), Palmeros Parada, M.D.M. (author)
This paper investigates green hydrogen and bio-based sustainable aviation fuels, including their production technology and feedstock, in combination with Clean Sky 2 propulsion technologies and novel hydrogen-powered propulsion technologies. The impact that these alternative aviation fuels and propulsion technologies can have on greenhouse...
conference paper 2022
Lim, Nanette (author)
This research is about the integration of hybrid and electric aircraft (HEA) in the air<br/>traffic management system. Current conventional aircraft are responsible for emissions and noise that often lead to nuisance for residents. In order to make aviation more sustainable, aircraft manufacturers are studying the possibilities to replace fuel...
master thesis 2020
Claassen, Teun (author), Hut, Willemijn (author), Lim, Nanette (author), Suijkens, Sven (author)
Workshop Group 2
student report 2019