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Lips, Maarten (author)
The online website Skill Circuits is a tool developed by teachers at the Delft University of Technology. Skill Circuits is an online learning tool that presents students with a node-link (i.e. a tree) structure where each node represents a skill, containing tasks that aim to teach the skill. The website aims to benefit teachers, by letting them...
master thesis 2023
Band, Ruben (author), Lips, Maarten (author), Prawira, Julivius (author), van Schagen, Jurgen (author), Tulling, Simon (author), Zhang, Ying (author), Benaiss, Aicha A. (author), van der Ham, Ineke J.M. (author), Bueno Perez, M.R. (author), Bidarra, Rafael (author)
In recent years, the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality (ARNR) has taken a larger role within training and education of various fields, but not every individual experiences the benefits that AR and VR technology are thought to provide. The perspective taking skill of an individual may be a good indicator of the effectiveness that AR and VR...
conference paper 2022
Moolenaar, David (author), Molendijk, Thijs (author), Lips, Maarten (author), Yu, Nick (author), ter Horst, Ynze (author)
It has become a common practice for software developers to analyse monitoring data as a means to understand issues, trends and performance of large-scale software systems. The combination of this practice with the software development workflow can however be cumbersome at times. One recent effort into evaluating the effects of integrating...
bachelor thesis 2020