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Abrahamsen, A.B. (author), Magnusson, N. (author), Liu, D. (author), Stehouwer, E. (author), Hendriks, B. (author), Polinder, H. (author)
A superconducting direct drive generator based on field windings of MgB2 superconducting tape is proposed as a solution by mounting the generator in front of the blades using a king-pin nacelle design for offshore turbines with power ratings larger than 10 MW as investigated in the INNWIND.EU project.
conference paper 2014
Liu, D. (author)
In recent years, superconducting synchronous generators (SCSGs) have been proposed as an alternative to permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSGs). They are expected to reduce the top head mass and the nacelle size for such large wind turbines. In 2012, the INNWIND.EU project initiated this research to investigate SCSGs for 10-20MWdirect...
doctoral thesis 2017