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Liu, T.L.K. (author), Krishnakumari, P.K. (author), Cats, O. (author)
On-demand transport has become a common mode of transport with ride-sourcing companies like Uber, Lyft and Didi transforming the mobility market. Recurrent patterns in prevailing demand patterns can be used by service providers to better anticipate future demand distribution and thus support demand-Anticipatory fleet management strategies. To...
conference paper 2019
Alonso González, M.J. (author), Liu, T.L.K. (author), Cats, O. (author), van Oort, N. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
Demand-responsive transport (DRT) services (collective on-demand services, such as shared ridesourcing and microtransit) offer a collective flexible travel alternative that can potentially complement fixed transit (FT). The combination of an on-demand and line-based service holds the promise of improved mobility and increased service coverage...
journal article 2018