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Lombaerts, T.J.J. (author), Looye, G.H.N. (author), Chu, Q.P. (author), Mulder, J.A. (author)
This paper describes how the previously developed concept of Pseudo Control Hedging (PCH) can be integrated in a Fault Tolerant Flight Controller (FTFC) as a safe flight envelope protection system of the first degree. This PCH algorithm adapts the reference model for the system output in case of unachievable commands due to control input...
conference paper 2010
Looye, G.H.N. (author)
The design of flight control laws (FCLs) for automatic and manual (augmented) control of aircraft is a complicated task. FCLs have to fulfil large amounts of performance criteria and must work reliably in all flight conditions, for all aircraft configurations, and in adverse weather conditions. Consequently, a large part of the FCL design...
doctoral thesis 2008