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Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author), Csáki, Csaba (author), Lindgren, Ida (author), Loukis, Euripidis (author), Melin, Ulf (author), Pereira, Gabriela Viale (author), Bolívar, Manuel Pedro Rodríguez (author), Tambouris, Efthimios (author)
contribution to periodical 2022
Mitrou, Lilian (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author), Loukis, Euripidis (author)
Traditionally public decision-makers have been given discretion in many of the decisions they have to make in how to comply with legislation and policies. In this way, the context and specific circumstances can be taken into account when making decisions. This enables more acceptable solutions, but at the same time, discretion might result in...
conference paper 2021
Loukis, Euripidis (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author), Mintchev, Ianislav (author)
Software as a Service (SaaS) is increasingly used by firms for sourcing business application software. SaaS can enable a cost reduction and quality improvement of existing operations and provide rapid and low-cost innovation. However, decision makers are unclear about how they can benefit from SaaS. This study contributes to filling this...
journal article 2019