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Walch, Andreas (author), Schwarzler, M. (author), Luksch, Christan (author), Eisemann, E. (author), Gschwandtner, Theresia (author)
LightGuider is a novel guidance-based approach to interactive lighting design, which typically consists of interleaved 3D modeling operations and light transport simulations. Rather than having designers use a trial-And-error approach to match their illumination constraints and aesthetic goals, LightGuider supports the process by simulating...
journal article 2020
Luksch, Christan (author), Wimmer, Michael (author), Schwarzler, M. (author)
Global Illumination is affected by the slightest change in a 3D scene, requiring a complete reevaluation of the distributed light. In cases where real-time algorithms are not applicable due to high demands on the achievable accuracy, this recomputation from scratch results in artifacts like flickering or noise, disturbing the visual...
conference paper 2019