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Lukyanov, A. (author), Vuik, Cornelis (author)
Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) has been extensively used to model high and low Reynolds number flows, free surface flows and collapse of dams, study pore-scale flow and dispersion, elasticity, and thermal problems. In different applications, it is required to have a stable and accurate discretization of the elliptic operator with...
journal article 2020
Lukyanov, A. (author)
N many fields of science and engineering, such as fluid or structural mechanics, and nanotechnology, dynamical systems at different scale need to be simulated, optimized or controlled. They are often described by discretizations of systems of nonlinear partial differential equations yielding high-dimensional discrete phase spaces. For this...
doctoral thesis 2019
Cusini, M. (author), Lukyanov, A. (author), Natvig, J. (author), Hajibeygi, H. (author)
Unconventional Reservoir simulations involve several challenges not only arising from geological heterogeneities, but also from strong nonlinear physical coupling terms. All exiting upscaling and multiscale methods rely on a classical sequential formulation to treat the coupling between the nonlinear flow-transport equations. Unfortunately, the...
conference paper 2014