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Luo, W. (author), Kottsova, A. (author), Vardon, P.J. (author), Dieudonné, A.A.M. (author), Brehme, M. (author)
In geothermal projects, reinjection of produced water has been widely applied for disposing wastewater, supplying heat exchange media and maintaining reservoir pressure. Accordingly, it is a key process for environmental and well performance assessment, which partly controls the success of projects. However, the injectivity, a measure of how...
review 2023
Luo, W. (author), Vardon, P.J. (author), Cox, Barbara (author), Dieudonné, A.A.M. (author)
and boundary connected with aquifer respectively, are discussed. On the basis of these two boundary conditions, several factors that influence the fluid loss process are studied. For the thief zone with no-flow boundary, our key conclusions illustrate that once the pressure front reaches an opening in the sealing, fluid loss occurs. However,...
abstract 2022