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Macquart, T.B.M.J. (author), Werter, N.P.M. (author), De Breuker, R. (author)
The design of composite structures based on _bre angle optimisation rapidly becomes intractable as the number of design variables increases. Lamination parameters can be used instead as intermediate design variables in order to overcome this issue. An extra step is then required in order to convert the optimal design expressed in lamination...
journal article 2017
Macquart, T.B.M.J. (author), Bordogna, MT (author), Lancelot, P.M.G.J. (author), De Breuker, R. (author)
The present paper proposes a set of blending constraints expressed in lamination parameter space, applicable during the continuous optimisation of composite structures. Thicknesses and ply orientations of large composite structures are often locally optimised in response to unequal spatial load distribution. During this process, ensuring...
journal article 2016
Bordogna, M.T. (author), Macquart, T.B.M.J. (author), Bettebghor, D. (author), De Breuker, R. (author)
Optimizing the laminates of large composite structures is nowadays well-recognized as having significant benefits in the design of lightweight structural solutions. However, designs based on locally optimized laminates are prone to structural discontinuities and enforcing blending during the optimization is therefore crucial in order to achieve...
conference paper 2016