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Kik, R. (author), Van den Bos, J.P. (author), Maertens, J. (author), Verhagen, H.J. (author), Van der Meer, J.W. (author)
Different layer design of a rock slope and under layers has a large effect on the strengths on the rock slope itself. In the stability formula developed of VAN DER MEER [1988] this effect is represented by the term Notional Permeability with symbol P. A more open, or permeable, structure underneath the armour layer has the ability to dissipate...
conference paper 2012
Waegeman, H. (author), Beauprez, J. (author), Moens, H. (author), Maertens, J. (author), De Mey, M. (author), Foulquié-Moreno, M.R. (author), Heijnen, J.J. (author), Charlier, D. (author), Soetaert, W. (author)
Background: Gene expression is regulated through a complex interplay of different transcription factors (TFs) which can enhance or inhibit gene transcription. ArcA is a global regulator that regulates genes involved in different metabolic pathways, while IclR as a local regulator, controls the transcription of the glyoxylate pathway genes of the...
journal article 2011
Baart, G.J.E. (author), Beauprez, J.J.R. (author), Foulquie, M.M.R. (author), Heijnen, J.J. (author), Maertens, J. (author)
The present invention relates to a method for obtaining enhanced metabolite production in micro-organisms, and to mutants and/or transformants obtained with said method. More particularly, it relates to bacterial mutants and/or transformants for enhanced succinate production, especially mutants and/or transformants that are affected in the...
patent 2010