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Ngo, Q.H. (author), Ranasinghe, Roshanka (author), Zevenbergen, C. (author), Kirezci, Ebru (author), Maheng, M.D. (author), Radhakrishnan, Mohanasundar (author), Pathirana, Assela (author)
Risk-informed flood risk management requires a comprehensive and quantitative risk assessment, which often demands multiple (thousands of) river and flood model simulations. Performing such a large number of model simulations is a challenge, especially for large, complex river systems (e.g., Mekong) due to the associated computational and...
journal article 2022
Maheng, M.D. (author), Pathirana, Assela (author), Zevenbergen, C. (author)
Urbanization is changing land use–land cover (LULC) transforming green spaces (GS) and bodies of water into built-up areas. LULC change is affecting ecosystem services (ES) in urban areas, such as by decreasing of the water retention capacity, the urban temperature regulation capacity and the carbon sequestration. The relation between LULC...
journal article 2021
Maheng, M.D. (author), Ducton, Ishara (author), Lauwaet, Dirk (author), Zevenbergen, C. (author), Pathirana, Assela (author)
Urbanization continues to trigger massive land-use land-cover change that transforms natural green environments to impermeable paved surfaces. Fast-growing cities in Asia experience increased urban temperature indicating the development of urban heat islands (UHIs) because of decreased urban green space, particularly in recent decades. This...
journal article 2019