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Furtado, Carla P.Q. (author), Medeiros, Walter E. (author), Borges, Sergio V. (author), Lopes, Juliana A.G. (author), Bezerra, Francisco H.R. (author), Lima-Filho, Francisco P. (author), Maia, Rubson P. (author), Bertotti, G. (author), Auler, Augusto S. (author), Teixeira, Washington L.E. (author)
The present study used a multitool approach to characterize fractures of several orders of magnitude in large fracture corridors, caves, and canyons to investigate their impact on fluid flow in carbonate units. The study area is the Brejões carbonate karst system that is located in the Neoproterozoic Salitre Formation in the Irecê Basin, São...
journal article 2022
Bezerra, Francisco H. (author), de Castro, David L. (author), Maia, Rubson P. (author), Sousa, Maria O.L. (author), Moura-Lima, Elissandra N. (author), Rossetti, Dilce F. (author), Bertotti, G. (author), Souza, Zorano S. (author), Nogueira, Francisco C.C. (author)
Rifting and related normal stress regime in the equatorial continental margin of Brazil ceased during the Late Cretaceous, when the stress regimes in eastern South America and West Africa changed to induce strike-slip or reverse motion. In this study, we explore the postrift tectonic, geomorphic, magmatic, and sedimentary responses to stress...
journal article 2020