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Mandalahalli, M.M. (author)
Bubbly flows are ubiquitously found in natural systems and are widely used in (bio)-chemical and energy-producing processes. A variety of design options, ease of maintenance, and a large operability window make bubble columns a commonplace across industries, ranging from oil processing to biotechnology and electrolyzers. Despite their wide...
doctoral thesis 2024
Mandalahalli, M.M. (author), Lif, Johan (author), Mudde, R.F. (author), Portela, L. (author)
In this work, the rise characteristics of a single H<sub>2</sub> bubble, in the ellipsoidal regime, in (i) water, (ii) single electrolyte (2 M, 4.5 M NaCl) solution and (iii) various concentrations of electrolyte mixture (up to 6.4 M of 1:5 weight fraction NaCl-NaClO<sub>3</sub>), have been studied, at temperatures up to 80°C. Our results...
journal article 2023
Mandalahalli, M.M. (author), Wagner, E.C. (author), Portela, L. (author), Mudde, R.F. (author)
In this work, the effect of an electrolyte (up to 2 M of NaCl dissolved in water) on a homogeneous dense bubbly flow, in an airlift bubble column, is studied using nonintrusive techniques. X-ray and high-speed imaging are used to investigate the bubble size distribution, the local and the global gas-fraction profiles. The major effect of the...
journal article 2019