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Vescovini, A. (author), Li, Carina Xiaochen (author), Paz Mendez, J. (author), Jin, Bo Cheng (author), Manes, Andrea (author), Bisagni, C. (author)
This paper presents the work on six single-stringer specimens manufactured using the card-sliding technique with non-crimp fabrics and adopting a Double-Double (DD) stacking sequence. These specimens, representative of sub-structure level components, are used to investigate post-buckling and failure in aerospace structures. Two specimens...
journal article 2024
Ma, Dayou (author), Li, X. (author), Manes, Andrea (author), Li, Yulong (author)
Ice impact is quite common and may become critical especially if it involves the transportation sector. Simulation tools may help in the structural design phase to increase the ability to withstand this kind of impact and/or to analyse the effect under extreme weather conditions. Such tools require an accurate description of the mechanical...
journal article 2023