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Sathe, A. (author), Mann, J. (author)
Turbulent velocity spectra, as measured by a scanning pulsed wind lidar (WindCube), are analyzed. The relationship between ordinary velocity spectra and lidar derived spectra is mathematically very complex, and deployment of the three-dimensional spectral velocity tensor is necessary. The resulting scanning lidar spectra depend on beam angles,...
journal article 2012
Sathe, A. (author), Mann, J. (author), Gottschall, J. (author), Courtney, M.S. (author)
Modeling of the systematic errors in the second-order moments of wind speeds measured by continuouswave (ZephIR) and pulsed (WindCube) lidars is presented. These lidars use the conical scanning technique to measure the velocity field. The model captures the effect of volume illumination and conical scanning. The predictions are compared with the...
journal article 2011
Sathe, A.R. (author), Courtney, M. (author), Mann, J. (author), Wagner, R. (author)
This article describes some preliminary efforts within the SafeWind project, aimed to identify the possible added value of using wind lidars to detect extreme wind events. Exceptionally good performance is now regularly reported in the measurement of the mean wind speed with some wind lidars in flat terrain. For turbulence measurements, recent...
conference paper 2011