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Vukadinovic, D. (author), Van Walsum, T. (author), Manniesing, R. (author), Rozie, S. (author), Van der Lugt, A. (author), Niessen, W.J. (author)
This paper presents a level set based method for segmenting the outer vessel wall and plaque components of the carotid artery in CTA. The method employs a GentleBoost classification framework that classifies pixels as calcified region or not, and inside or outside the vessel wall. The combined result of both classifications is used to construct...
conference paper 2011
Firouzian, A. (author), Manniesing, R. (author), Flach, Z.H. (author), Risselada, R. (author), Van Kooten, F. (author), Sturkenboom, M.C.J.M. (author), Van der Lugt, A. (author), Niessen, W.J. (author)
conference paper 2010