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Tammaru, T. (author), Sinitsyna, Anastasia (author), Akhavizadegan, Alireza (author), van Ham, M. (author), Marcińczak, Szymon (author), Musterd, Sako (author)
Based on extensive research with distinguished scholars within the book project ‘Socioeconomic Segregation in European Capital Cities’, this chapter summarizes the key trends in income inequality and socioeconomic segregation in Europe. We draw our data from the two last census rounds, and we focus on the most common indicators of income...
book chapter 2021
Tammaru, T. (author), Marcińczak, Szymon (author), Aunap, Raivo (author), van Ham, M. (author), Janssen, H.J. (author)
This paper provides new insights into the relationships between income inequality and residential segregation between socioeconomic groups by undertaking a comparative study of European urban regions. In Europe, income inequalities are the lowest in North Europe and the highest in South Europe. In many East European countries, a switch from low...
journal article 2019
Musterd, Sako (author), Marcińczak, Szymon (author), van Ham, M. (author), Tammaru, T. (author)
Socioeconomic inequality is on the rise in major European cities, as are concerns over it, since it is seen as a threat to social cohesion and stability. Surprisingly, relatively little is known about the spatial dimensions of rising socioeconomic inequality. This paper builds on a study of socioeconomic segregation in 12 European cities:...
journal article 2016